Lyle Garford

Lyle Garford graduated from university in 1981 and, after meeting his future wife, moved to Vancouver, Canada. He worked as a manager for over 30 years, but life now is all about the writing.

His latest project is a departure into new territory. He was fascinated as a kid by the exotic sugar islands of the Caribbean where his novel Dockyard Dog is set. The age of sail from the American Revolutionary War through to Waterloo in 1815 grabbed his attention when he got older and he has combined these interests with The Evan Ross Series.

Series: The Evan Ross Series
Year  Book  Comment
1784 Dockyard Dog Lieutenant Ross serves as a spy for Nelson against smugglers
1787 The Sugar Revolution With plantations burning and owners murdered, Ross is tasked with finding out who is behind it
1793 The Sugar Sacrifice Ross and Wilton must complete their mission, as cannons blaze amid the opening salvos of war.
1796 The Sugar Rebellion On the island of Grenada rebel forces strike at their British masters
1798 The Sugar Inferno A new French administrator is sent to Saint Domingue
1805 The Admiral's Pursuit Ross and Wilton struggle desperately to find the French fleet for Nelson

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: The Owen Spence Series
Year  Book  Comment
1773 The Sugar Sands Spence is offered work as a merchant Captain trading goods throughout the Caribbean and America.
1775 The Sugar Storm British Foreign Office spies are suspicious of their French and rebel American counterparts

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