Barbara Devlin

Barbara Devlin was born a storyteller, but it was a weeklong vacation to Bethany Beach, Delaware that forever changed her life. The little house her parents rented had a collection of books which exposed her to the world of romance.

She writes heartfelt historical romances that feature not so perfect heroes who may know how to seduce a woman but know nothing of marriage. And she prefers feisty but smart heroines who sometimes save the hero before they find their happily ever after.

Barbara is a disabled-in-the-line-of-duty retired police officer, and she earned an MA in English and continued a course of study for a Doctorate in Literature and Rhetoric. She happily considered herself an exceedingly eccentric English professor, until success in Indie publishing lured her into writing, full-time, featuring her fictional knighthood, the Brethren of the Coast.

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: Brethren of the Coast
Year  Book  Comment
  Enter The Brethren Heartbroken and desperate to escape another London Season, Caroline Elliott stows away
  My Lady, The Spy Rebecca returns to London, only to discover a traitor has compromised the war effort
  The Most Unlikely Lady Everett plots his future with ruthless detail, but his future wife is anything but predictable
  One-Knight Stand Cara Felicity Douglas enlists the aid of the Brethren women to chart a course for the altar
  Captain Of Her Heart Lady Alexandra Seymour is going after her man
  The Lucky One Miss Daphne Harcourt has spent her entire life on Portsea Island
  Love With An Improper Stranger After her father is killed Lenore Teversham must rely on the generosity of a stranger for safe passage to London
  To Catch A Fallen Spy Lady Elaine Prescott witnesses a violent crime, and her life is threatened.
  The Duke Wears Nada Miss Lucilla Teversham conceals a dark secret
Series: Pirates of the Coast
Year  Book  Comment
  The Black Morass Jean Marc Cavalier is a ruthless pirate with the blood of countless souls on his hands
  The Iron Corsair The Marquess of Ravenwood stands accused of a heinous crime he swears he did not commit
  The Buccaneer What happens when a brazen buccaneer develops a taste for virgin flesh?
  The Stablemaster's Daughter Lord Howe is shunned after a failed attempt to seize the marquessate in his brother’s absence
  The Marooner Leland Stryker is a ruthless buccaneer who reluctantly signs a pact with the English

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