Craig Cabell

Craig Cabell was a freelance reporter for 20 years, working most notably for The Independent newspaper. He spent five years as a freelance music journalist and five years as an in-house reporter with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) House journal Focus. He interviewed generals, princes, lords, arms-dealers, prime ministers and a host of authors, musicians and other celebrities, as well as writing three regular wine and books columns, and was the editor of the first MoD online daily news service.

He went on to become the Small Arms desk officer of the Ministry of Defence, created the Sniper Pyramid and the industry group the Ballistic Toolkit, and also introduced the Nimbus Non-lethal Car Protection System into Iraq through the FCO. Diversely he also became an expert in rare books from Charles Dickens to Ian Rankin, and was a writer for Book and Magazine Collector for 20 years.

Craig is the author of 18 biography and history books.

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  Captain Kidd: The Hunt for the Truth Either Kidd was a legal privateer or he was a wicked pirate
  Blackbeard The Hunt for the World's Most Notorious Pirate

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