Craig DiLouie

Craig DiLouie is best known for his work in the Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy genres. He was born in New Jersey and currently works and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his family

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Crash Dive
Year  Book  Comment
1942 Crash Dive Charlie Harrison reports for duty aboard the S-55, a worn-out WWI-era submarine
WWII Silent Running Sabertooth runs into Yosai, one of the big aircraft carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor
  Battle Stations Harrison is offered a posting on Sandtiger
  Contact! Sandtiger takes a team of elite commandos to the island of Saipan
  Hara-Kiri Harrison finally achieves his dream of commanding the Sandtiger
  Over the Hill Harrison's destiny is dark and brutal but also filled with hope
Omnibus editions
  Crash Dive: The Complete Series (omnibus) Crash Dive, Silent Running, Battle Stations, Contact!, Hara-Kiri, Over the Hill

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