E. Van Johnson

E. Van Johnson is an ex naval officer and professional commercial diver. He has also been a musician, singer, actor and stuntman.

He retired to Majorca in 2008 and started writing full time in 2010.

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: Lost to the Sea
Year  Book  Comment
  Lost to the Sea: Orphaned, Apprenticed, Pressed and Prized James Johnson is orphaned and apprenticed to a local shipping master
  Lost to the Sea: Letters of Marque James sets out to rescue his former Captain and crew
  Lost to the Sea: A Colonial Venture James is comissioned by the Duke to travel to the Colony of New York
  Lost to the Sea: Recalled to the Colours James is recalled by the colours to carry out a secret mission
  Lost to the Sea: An Indian Affair James calls at his island and finds it under attack by two naval sloops
  Lost to the Sea: Shipwrecked James takes a women home to Trinidad on a captured pirate vessel
  Lost to the Sea: Marooned James finds the platation is under siege
  Lost to the Sea: Dawn Clipper James rescues the survivors from two shipwrecks


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