Following immediately on from book 5, James leaves Christianna to arrange their wedding in Jamaica and sails for England. He rescues survivors from a sea fight between a pirate and a merchant schooner and hands them to a naval escort ship.

In England he finds the old Duke has died and left him a small estate and a pension for life. He sells his sugar and takes a cargo of English porcelain on spec. On the return trip he is driven off course by heavy weather and shipwrecked on a deserted Island. He salvages most of his cargo and leaving his crew to guard it, he sets out to over sail 1,000 miles to Jamaica in an open boat. He is successful and using a small French prize brig returns to rescue his crew.

He finds there are Pirates on the island. He eliminates the pirates and captures their ship and rescues seven women who were being held to ransom.

James sends the Brig back to Jamaica while he takes the women home to Trinidad on the captured pirate vessel, where he sells some of his all his salvaged cargo and heads for Jamaica where he and Christianna are finally married and sail for home.

  • Author: E. Van Johnson
  • Title: Lost to the Sea: Shipwrecked
  • Series: Lost to the Sea
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 18 February 2019

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