An Indian Affair

The continuing saga of the life of James Johnson. In order to help James recover from the loss of his family, Charles hires him to carry him to India. having neglected his business interests for some time, James calls at his island and finds it under attack by two naval sloops. Once peace is restored Thalia asks Christiana to act as her companion. Making their way across the atlantic, several of the crew are struck down with Malaria from stale water. and they are forced to seek help in Brazil.

Approaching the Skeleton Coast they rescue some shipwrecked mariners. Arriving in India they discover there has been a Mutiny and Charles's plantation has been completely destroyed. James finds a cargo bound for America and signs Charles on as 1st Mate. On the return passage, they are delayed by bad weather, attacked by Burmese forces off Sumatra and French privateers off Mauritius.

  • Author: E. Van Johnson
  • Title: Lost to the Sea: An Indian Affair
  • Series: Lost to the Sea
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 8 October 2017

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