Peter Steele

Peter Steele conceived the character Lantern Jack whilst on holiday in Cornwall on an evening ghost walk in St Ives. He had always been interested in pirates and smugglers but could never find good old fashioned pirate stories to read other than reference books or classic's like Treasure Island and Jamaica Inn. His wife suggested that seeing as he had a vivid imagination that he should write one himself.

Peter was born in West Lavington on the edge of Salisbury plain artillery ranges in the late 1940's and attended the local village school. Before he took up writing he drove lorries or cranes.

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: The Pirate Tales of Lantern Jack
Year  Book  Comment
  Lantern Jack: The Adventure Begins An ordinary fishing village lad from Cornwall is press ganged into the Navy
  La Masquerade The pirates hatch a plan to attack one of the largest French gold ships
  Plague Island A reputed fortune in treasure is too big an opportunity to miss
1737 Pirate or Smuggler? Jack and his shipmates have decided to return home to Devils Point, Cornwall
  For the Love of a Pirate Jack's wife leads him into a dangerous adventure that nearly kills them all
  Search for Lost Treasure The King of England is desperate for treasure to be bought back
  Blackmail of a Pirate Who in their right mind would blackmail a pirate?

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