Philip MacDougall

Philip MacDougall is a writer and historian with a doctorate on naval history from the University of Kent at Canterbury. He has developed a specialist interest in naval dockyards

AOS Naval Non Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  Chatham Dockyard The Rise and Fall of a Military Industrial Complex
  The Naval Mutinies of 1797: Unity and Perseverance Focuses on new research, re-evaluating the causes and events etc.
  Naval Shipbuilding in the Age of Sail An Industrial History 1100-1800
  London and the Georgian Navy Georgian London was the hub of the world's largest industrial-military complex
  Naval Resistance to Britain's Growing Power in India 1660-1800 The Saffron Banner and the Tiger of Mysore
  Five Hundred Years of Deptford and Woolwich Royal Dockyards Marking the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the Thames yards by Henry VIII
  The Great Anglo-Russian Naval Alliance of the Eighteenth Century and Beyond Examines Naval co-operation between Britain and Russia and the often underappreciated prowess of the Russian navy.

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