Philip McCutchan

Philip Donald McCutchan (1920-1996), who also wrote under the pseudonyms Robert Conington Galway and Duncan MacNeil, grew up in the naval atmosphere of Portsmouth Dockyard and developed a lifetime's interest in the sea. Military history was an early interest resulting in several fiction books, from amongst his large output, about the British Army and its campaigns, especially in the last 150 years. He served throughout WW II in a variety of ships, including the cruiser Vindictive, the ocean boarding vessel Largs, and the escort carrier Ravager, ending the war as a lieutenant, RNVR.

His modern era series include The Halfhyde Adventures, Donald Cameron RNVR, John Mason Kemp and Tom Chatto

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1779 Lady of the Line A romance set during the Great Siege of Gibraltar 1779-1793

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Storm South (There is no description available for this book)

AOS Other Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Tall Ships The history of the 'golden age of sail' from the Baltimore packets to the glorious clippers

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: The Halfhyde Adventures
Year  Book  Comment
  Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin
aka Beware the Bight of Benin
Lt. St. Vincent Halfhyde finds himself aboard H.M.S. Aurora headed for the West Coast of Africa
  Halfhyde's Island Halfhyde, aboard Viceroy, is ordered to a volcanic island in the north Pacific.
  Halfhyde and the Guns of Arrest Halfhyde is sent to Africa to capture a British traitor who carries secret blueprints of British warships.
  Halfhyde to the Narrows Halfhyde, commanding Vendetta, sails for the Dardanelles as part of a flotilla sent to rescue a British sailing-ship
  Halfhyde for the Queen Halfhyde is sent on a secret mission ashore: to aid the Queen's Messenger
  Halfhyde Ordered South The old iron-clad Meridian steams south on her last journey under the British flag
  Halfhyde and the Flag Captain Halfhyde must recapture Sir Russell Savory in Uruguay
  Halfhyde on the Yangtze The European residents in Chungking are threatened with rebellion and massacre by the Chinese
  Halfhyde on Zanatu The idyllic Polynesian island is in rebellion and the British Navy sends Halfhyde to find out why
  Halfhyde Outward Bound Halfhyde decides to broaden his experience with a spell under sail, on the Aysgarth Falls
  The Halfhyde Line Halfhyde, separated from the Royal Navy, becomes the owner/master of the steamer Taronga Park
  Halfhyde and the Chain Gangs Halfhyde RN (inactive) is pressed back into service at the start of the Boer War
  Halfhyde Goes to War Halfhyde is captured in a train wreck by the Boers
  Halfhyde on the Amazon Halfhyde is called on to go to the Amazon river with a senior British diplomat
  Halfhyde and the Admiral Halfhyde is sailing for Chile and the Admiralty have "requested" that he carry two "special" passengers
  Halfhyde and the Fleet Review Halfhyde is to aid in the preparations for the Queen's review of the British Fleet
Series: Donald Cameron RNVR
Year  Book  Comment
1941 Cameron, Ordinary Seaman
aka In the Line of Fire
Cameron is aboard the destroyer Carmarthen severely damaged in a surprise daylight attack.
1941 Cameron Comes Through
aka Dangerous Waters
The British destroyer Wharfedale is tasked to rescue two men from Crete
1942 Cameron of the Castle Bay
aka Under Orders
The Castle Bay is to blow up a secret Nazi base in the Norwegian mountains.
WWII Lieutenant Cameron RNVR
aka An Act of War
When Northumberland goes down Cameron is the only executive officer left amongst the survivors
1942 Cameron in the Gap
aka Storm of War
Cameron joins the destroyer Burnside on one of the most important convoys of 1942
WWII Cameron's Convoy
aka Cold War
The battle-weary Sprinter has to transport VIP's bound for an arms conference in Moscow.
WWII Orders for Cameron
aka Ship of Fate
The corvette Oleander joins in the manoeuvres of Operation Torch
WWII Cameron in Command
ka In Command
The new commander of HM corvette Briar, Cameron proceeds south to the Falkland Islands
WWII Cameron and the Kaiserhof
ka On Land and Sea
Cameron is given orders to fly to Gibralta and make contact with a British agent.
WWII Cameron's Raid
ka Against All Odds
Cameron is part of a raid on Brest when he is forced to take command
WWII Cameron's Chase
ka Hunted
Hitler's newest and most powerful battleship, the Attila, is moving in for the kill
WWII Cameron's Troop Lift
aka Prisoner of War 
Cameron discovers a merchant ship in a convoy is transporting POW's. Can he rescue them?
WWII Cameron's Commitment
aka Secret Mission
Cameron is puzzled. Why has he been given command of the light cruiser Castile?
WWII Cameron's Crossing
aka Sinking Ship
Cameron has to take command of the sinking escort carrier HMS Charger
Omnibus editions
WWII The Convoy Commodore /
Cameron, Ordinary Seaman
The Convoy Commodore from the John Mason Kemp series and
Cameron, Ordinary Seaman from the Donald Cameron RNVR series
Series: John Mason Kemp
Year  Book  Comment
WWII The Convoy Commodore
aka Convoy of War
Commodore Kemp is in charge of a convoy bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia
WWII Convoy North Kemp faces a dangerous mission in the waters of Norway's North Cape.
WWII Convoy South Kemp leads a group of ships transporting a division of troops from Australia to the USA.
WWII Convoy East Kemp leads a group of ships from Britain bound for the Mediterranean and Malta.
WWII Convoy of Fear The Voyage continues from Malta through the Suez Canal bound for Ceylon
WWII Convoy Homeward Kemp is leading a convoy west from Colombo to Africa and then out into the Atlantic
Series: Tom Chatto (Book 1 AOS Merchant fiction, Book 2 Modern Era Merchant Fiction, Book 3 Modern Era Naval Fiction)
Year  Book  Comment
  Tom Chatto, Apprentice
aka Apprentice to the Sea
Tom Chatto embarks at Liverpool to learn how to handle a big windjammer
  Tom Chatto, Second Mate
aka The Second Mate
Tom secures a berth as second officer on a liner of the Pacific Steam Navigation Company
WWI Tom Chatto, RNR
aka The New Lieutenant
After being attacked by the Dresden, Tom volunteers for the Royal Naval Reserve.

Modern Era Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  On Course for Danger (There is no description available for this book)
  Bowering's Breakwater A British liner is crossing the Indian Ocean when nuclear war breaks
WWI The Last Farewell The voyage of the Laurentia from New York

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