Pierre Mac_OrlanPierre Mac Orlan is a pseudonym of Pierre Dumarchey (1882–1970), a French novelist and songwriter.

He was born in Péronne, Somme in northern France and lived in Rouen and Paris as a young man, working at a variety of jobs and learning to play the accordion. In his twenties, he travelled widely in Europe, before returning to Paris and becoming a noted figure in Bohemian art circles. In particular, his song performances were a regular feature at the Lapin Agile cabaret. During this period, he was part of a broad circle of writers and painters including Max Jacob, Guillaume Apollinaire, Maurice Utrillo and Francis Carco.

He fought in the war against Germany until wounded in 1916, after which he worked as a war correspondent. In later years he earned a living as a writer in Saint Cyr-sur-Morin, outside Paris. In the late 1920s he became an influential critic of film and photography, writing important essays about the work of Eugène Atget, Germaine Krull and others.

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  On Board the Morning Star Peter Blood is a physician and an English gentleman, turned pirate out of a rankling sense of injustice.

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