R. Bruce Macdonald

R. Bruce Macdonald is an experienced sailor who specializes in traditional rigs. He is the former captain of the sail-training ships STV Trident II and STV Pathfinder and managed Toronto Brigantine's youth program for many years. He has logged over 75,000 nautical miles worldwide and made many yacht deliveries. He and his wife own and live aboard the full rigged ship North Star of Herschel Island.

He is the author of a book about Canadian Arctic history entitled North Star of Herschel Island. Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien hails this work as " an important book that every Canadian should read" and author Farley Mowat reviews it as "one helluva book about one helluva ship". Macdonald has also published over two hundred popular magazine articles and is a former contributing editor to Sailing Canada magazine.

As an artist, Macdonald's paintings and wood carvings are held in private collections throughout North America and he has held dozens of private shows in B.C. galleries.

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  North Star of Herschel Island The last Canadian Arctic fur trading ship



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