R. D. Wall

R.D. Wall served in the U.S. Navy in the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets, and the Mekong Delta and coastal waters of Vietnam. While in the Navy he kept a journal of his observations and experiences; his many notes eventually forming the foundation of the Jonah Wynchester Series of Vietnam War novels.

Following the Navy, he worked as a newspaper reporter, sailmaker and yacht broker, and spent 30 years involved in the design, building, outfitting and sailing of one-design and large ocean racing yachts. He is also a very experienced alpine mountaineer and artist, painting in oils and watercolor.

In the 1990s he and his late wife, Jo, owned and operated a historic 135-year-old Vermont country inn specializing in fly fishing, with fly shop, fly fishing school and professional guide services. He now lives amidst the oak and pine woods of north Florida.

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: The Jonah Wynchester Series
Year  Book  Comment
  Jonah's Cathedral He steamed across the vastness of two oceans into the deadly brown waters of Vietnam.
  Mekong Covenant A decrepit ship manned by a crew of misfits, steams across the Western Pacific
  China Sea Anthem (Announced - Not Yet Published)

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