Richard Testrake resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and Miniature Schnauzer. A seventy-something year old senior, he enjoys reading, writing and spending time with his wife and family.

He is listed under related authors as much of his work is only short stories or novellas

Series: War at Sea
Year  Book  Comment
  On the King's Sea Service A young British naval officer fights in actions that will make history
  For the Honor of the Flag An officer of the Royal Navy combats the forces of Republican France
  Frigates of War A young Royal Navy captain assists Nelson at some of his major battles
  Trafalgar and Beyond A Royal Navy captain trails Villeneuve's Combined Fleet back to Europe
  HMS Dreadnaught Phillips, takes his ship to the Iberian Peninsula to combat the French forces
  HMS Resolve Phillips must deliver a consignment of gold and silver coin
  His Magesty's Brig Alert Phillips son is given command of a prize brig
  Sails Across the Sea Waiting for repairs HMS Alert takes fire and is consumed
  Across to America A pirate leader has acquired a powerful frigate
  Ships of Oak, Men of Iron Phillips sails to American waters, the Mediterranean and Brazil
  Thunder On the Sea Bonaparte has escaped from Elba and Phillips sails on to adventure
Series: Sea Command
Year  Book  Comment
  HMS Aphrodite A Midshipman has been prematurely commissioned as Lieutenant
  HMS Valkyrie Captain Mullins and his ship are sent to fight Moorish pirates
  HMS Aurora Mullins must balance his personal duties with those for his country
  HMS Athena Battle with French naval ships as well as pirates in the Caribbean.
  HMS Vigilant French troops are being landed on Aegean islands
  HMS Hector Mullins battles the forces of the French empire
  HMS Falcon Mullins investigates a captain who is reported to be using savage methods to control his seamen
  HMS Centaur Mullins is given temporary command of HMS Centaur

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