Robin Burnage

Robin Burnage is a first-time author taking on the challenge of continuing the series written by his late father, Roger Burnage, “The Merriman Chronicles”. His debut novel “The Threat In The Atlantic” picks up the story of Captain James Merriman on his return from his mission in the Adriatic in 1810.

Previously a property professional (for which he does actually have recognised qualifications), sailing and travelling always had a greater pull than accounting and spreadsheets.

He sold his business in 2012, bought a yacht and headed off on a five-year adventure as a full time liveaboard sailor. He also then travelled through Europe in an old Land Rover and then a motorhome before settling back in bricks and mortar.

He currently lives in Wales overlooking sand dunes and the Irish Sea, dreaming of his next high seas adventure.

Series: The Merriman Chronicles
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  The Threat In The Atlantic The French 80-gun ship Hercule has captured numerous British ships near the Cape of Good Hope

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