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Robert N Macomber is an award-winning and internationally recognized Florida author, lecturer, and TV commentator. He grew up on the waters along the SW coast of Florida and by age seventeen, he was an offshore racing skipper and raced for the next thirty-two years in Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas. When not traveling the world on research treks, lecture tours, or book signings, he lives on Pine Island, the same coast where he grew up. When not writing, he enjoys sailing among the more remote islands and cooking the exotic cuisines from his novels.

He is writing a series of books about the adventures of Peter Wake, Union Navy, starting in the American Civil War.

Series: Honor (Peter Wake)
Year Book Comment
1863 At the Edge of Honor Peter Wake joins the U.S. Navy and arrives in Florida for duty with the East Gulf Blockading Squadron.
1864 Point of Honor Wake commands the naval schooner St. James as he searches for army deserters in the Dry Tortugas
Honorable Mention Now in command of the steamer USS Hunt, Lt. Peter Wake chases a strange vessel during a tropical storm off Cuba
1869 A Dishonorable Few Lt. Peter Wake heads to turbulent Central America to deal with a former American naval officer turned renegade mercenary 
1873 An Affair of Honor   Peter Wake is the executive officer of the USS Omaha on dreary patrol in the West Indies 
1879 A Different Kind of Honor Lt. Cmdr. Peter Wake on special assignment as the official American neutral naval observer to the War of the Pacific raging along the west coast of South America 
1883 The Honored Dead In French Indochina, U.S. naval intelligence officer Peter Wake is thrust into international events. 
1886 The Darkest Shade of Honor

Wake is assigned to uncover the extent of Cuban revolutionary activities between Florida and Cuba.

1888 Honor Bound Wake is in Florida culminating an espionage mission to learn Spain's naval readiness in Cuba
1888 Honorable Lies Wake has 5 days to rescue his 2 captured operatives from a dungeon in Havana.
1889 Honors Rendered Germany is trying to add the islands of Samoa to its burgeoning Pacific empire
1892 The Assassin's Honor Wake has left the world of espionage behind and is back in the sea-going navy
1898 An Honorable War The Spanish-American War Begins
(The rest of the series is under Modern Era Naval Fiction)
1898 Honoring the Enemy The story of how American sailors, Marines, and soldiers landed in eastern Cuba
1898 Word of Honor The Spanish-American War and the Rise of Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency
1904 Code of Honor A Novel of RADM Peter Wake, USN, in the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War
  Full Naval Honors The Final Novel of Peter Wake and His Descendants

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