Tom Grundner

Dr. Tom Grundner (1945-2011) received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University; a masters degree in Human Learning from the Institute for Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, Maryland; a second masters in Education from the University of Southern California; and a doctorate in Educational Philosophy and psychology, also from USC.

The majority of his working life was spent as a college professor until in 1991 he left to run a nonprofit organization. After that he became a full time custom golf clubmaker which led him to write a series of golf equipment books with noted golf club designer, Tom Wishon. As a result of the success of these books he was able to become one the original investors in Fireship Press where he served as the “Senior Editor”.

This allowed him to indulge in his first love—writing books about the 18th Century Royal Navy, the Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure Series in which the famous officer interacts with Lucas Walker and Susan Whitney.

Series: Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure Series
Year  Book  Comment
1781 The Midshipman Prince  How do you keep a prince alive when the combined forces of three nations want him dead?
  HMS Diamond  After surviving the horrors of the destruction of Toulon, Sir Sidney is given a critical assignment 
1798 The Temple From a dreary prison in Paris, to the opulent palaces of Constantinople, to the horror of the Battle of the Nile
1799 Acre With a small force Smith must defend Acre against Napoleon's advancing army

Companion Books

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Ramage Companion Snapshots of the people, places and events that shaped Nicholas Ramage and his times

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