William Bertram

William Bertram, who lives in Plymouth, was employed as a Teacher and Historian for many years. Moreover, a great part of his extensive research was into the incredible amounts of Maritime History occurring in that famous seaport. This has been reflected by William being mentioned in Newspapers, radio and even Television, in relation to his research into 19th century ship design and Maritime History. In order to get nearer to the truth, he also takes part in historical activities where the surroundings aid his research.

His initial degree was in marine technology with maritime history. He was at the time specialising in the design and performance of 18th century ships. Whilst at university he had his honour project on 18th century warship design published and reported on by television, radio and newspapers around the world. During his professional life as an educator, he wrote a multitude of lesson plans, web sites, presentations and lecture material.

Since retirement he has written Historical Novels plus numerous Radio Scripts and several short stories.

Series: Ben Brown
Year  Book  Comment
1809 Ben Brown Rite of Passage A pressed seaman is allowed to join the RN as a midshipman.
1809 Ben Brown On the Beach Ben secures a position on an armed cutter
1809 Ben Brown Vive Le Roi Ben is sailing under a French Royalist Captain
Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1811 Essentia A 21st century man is time exchanged with the soul of a dead naval lieutenant

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1756 Ben Brown and the Smugglers A family work for the Custom and Excise waging war on the smugglers around Plymouth
1779 Billy Brown Cometh the Man... A family become involved in the espionage and subterfuge used by American rebels

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