1745 -1746

Was La Nuestra Senora De La Concepcion captured by the British? Was she lost in a storm? Or has she fallen prey to marauding pirates? Gallant's search leads him from the high seas to a British dungeon in Fort Louisbourg, from the arms of a beautiful Micmac squaw into a pitched battle with his greatest enemies. The fearless captain of the Echo must overcome the treacherous waters of Louisbourg and match wits with the Royal Navy in his quest to retrieve the golden virgin (a bejewelled statuette being sent to France by the Spanish to seal their alliance, and now lost). He is a brave and courageous navigator, but this is his greatest challenge. Whoever finds the statue rules the seas. 

A King’s Ransom

Author: Victor Suthren

Title: A King’s Ransom

Series: Paul Gallant

First Published by: Collins

Place: Toronto

Format: HC

Date: 1980

ISBN-10: 0002220318




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