A King's Commander1794: Alan Lewrie is now commander of his own ship, HMS Jester, which participates in the spectacular British victory over the French at the famous battle known as the Glorious First of June. From there Lewrie is dispatched to the Mediterranean to inform Admiral Hood of the French defeat. Under Hood's inspired leadership, Lewrie assists in the conquest of Corsica, but Hood is soon replaced by the maddeningly cautious Admiral Hotham. Only alongside one Horatio Nelson (not yet an admiral) does Lewrie again find his chance to be of service in a series of fierce battles along the French coast. And it is along that same coast that he hears once again of an old enemy, the French commander Guillaume Choundas, and knows that destiny will soon bring their ships together.

Author: Dewey Lambdin

Title: A King’s Commander

Series: Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures

First Published by: Donald I. Fine

Place: New York


Date: February 1997

ISBN-10: 1556115040



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