Breaking the Line1799: Having evacuated the King and Queen of Naples ahead of Napoleon's advancing army, Nelson must now await developments in Sicily. In the meantime, he and Emma savor their passionate affair, and when Nelson travels back to Britain with the Hamiltons, he finds he is the toast of Europe. To the British elite, however, Nelson is a dangerous upstart, and his love for Emma is his weakness. With rising resentment, Nelson and Emma are forced to keep up appearances--unable to acknowledge in public their love or their daughter. As the war with Napoleon drags on, Nelson engages the Danish fleet at Copenhagen with stunning results. Finally he is given the chance he's been waiting for: off a little-known Spanish cape, called Trafalgar, he will show the world what he is made of!

Important Note: In the UK this series was published in 2 volumes 'On a Making Tide' & 'Breaking the Line'.  In the US it was published in 3 volumes 'On a Making Tide', 'Tested by Fate' & 'Breaking the Line'. As titles are the same in both series you should take care not to mix them.

Author: David Donachie

Title: Breaking the Line

Series: The Nelson and Emma Trilogy

First Published by: Orion Books Limited


Format: HC

Date: 2001

ISBN-10: 0752846817

ISBN-13: 9780752846811


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