Calvert's War of 1812

With the impending threat of war between Britain and America, the British Admiralty realises it has no certain knowledge of the American Navy, nor their plans to build more of their super frigates. The Admiralty bring back Commodore Sir William Calvert Bt. to take the schooner Hound, with newly promoted Commander Thomas Tucker, to spy out the Eastern Coast of North America. Their brief; to try to find out if the Americans are building, or about to build any more super frigates. This means that Hound will be sailing under false colours, with the very real risk of being attacked by both the American Navy and the Royal Navy. If they are caught by the Americans it would mean certain death!

Author: Leighton Harding

Title: Calvert's War of 1812

Series: Calvert

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Format: Kindle

Date: 11 May 2014




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