Leighton Harding is a pen name. The author served as an officer in submarines and is also a qualified diver. He went on to become a film and television director/producer. As well as programmes in almost every genre, he directed documentaries and over 500 film and video commercials and scripted over 300. A keen yachtsman he has taken a particular interest in Naval History of the period of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. He is also the author of other genres.

Series: Calvert
Year  Book  Comment
  When Duty Calls When the Master falls ill Calvert deputises as Master on a 74 gun ship
  State Secrets Captain Calvert sets out on a hazardous mission to parts abroad
  Secret Assignment Calvert agrees to have a three masted Schooner built in North America
  Calvert's War of 1812 Calvert is sent to spy out the Eastern Coast of North America

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Hunt the Bear Russian Craft were constantly trying to penetrate Sweden's naval bases

The author’s official web site is leightonharding.com

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