Donland in Uncharted Waters

England is at peace, it is uncharted waters for Donland and his command. He must navigate between alliances in the midst of spies and their schemes. Fast, heavily armed frigates are being built using the plans of the American’s Constitution. Donland is unaware of the ships as he shepherds a transport to The Falklands. It is only when Sumerford comes aboard Oxford, that Donland suspects he is a pawn in yet another of Sumerford’s schemes. Donland is wary, but little does he know that a plan is unfolding that includes him in the destruction of the frigates. The French know that Sumerford has discovered their plan; he must die before he can share what he has learned. They dispatch a frigate and two sloops to intercept Oxford. Donland is forced into a cat-and-mouse game of pursuit. His fortunes turn when a gale scatters his pursuers, and he gains a prize. He proposes a daring raid that will risk starting a war. Deniability is more important than survival. Nothing they do must be traced back to England. The stakes are high and failure can not be contemplated, South America is the prize to be won or lost. These are uncharted waters for all involved.

  • Author: Perry Comer
  • Title: Donland in Uncharted Waters
  • Series: Donland
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 24 May 2020

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