Donland: Betrayal and Mutiny

Wessex is bound for the newly created Spanish Viceroyalty of the Ro de la Plata in South America. Gold has been discovered and the French Revolution needs it. Two Spanish treasure ships are to deliver the gold to Spain, but a scheme is devised to use Wessex to attack and take the gold. Donland is betrayed, mutineers take over Wessex and the yardarm is rigged for hangings. All this after Lieutenant Maddox is sent home to heal and replaced by a rather shady Lieutenant named Brown who becomes first aboard Wessex. From the beginning of the voyage there are inconsistencies, unexplained accidents and coincidences. Upon arrival in Buenos Aries, Donland is knifed and left for dead. Brown takes command and Donland plots his revenge and recapture of Wessex.

  • Author: Perry Comer
  • Title: Donland: Betrayal and Mutiny
  • Series: Donland
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 14 September 2023

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