1804: Lt. Stephen Decatur, U.S.N., was the captain of one of two small American ships anchored off the seaport city of Tripoli on a February night in 1804. For years, the Barbary Pirates had been based here, a plague to shipping. Now they had captured the American frigate Philadelphia, imprisoned her captain, and planned to use the ship against the Americans! But Decatur had planned well for this mission. Here is the true, exciting and dramatic story of Decatur's exploits that cold winter night - exploits which Lord Nelson called the most daring of the Barbary War. No one thought he could achieve his goals and live to fight again ...

Hellfire in Tripoli

Author: Edwin P. Hoyt

Title: Hellfire in Tripoli

Series: Stephen Decatur

First Published by: Pinnacle Books

Place: New York

Format: PB Original

Date: 1974

ISBN-10: 0523003498




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