Henry Lunt is a prisoner of the British in Scotland until he and the men with him are freed by John Paul Jones. Jones and the Ranger are raiding commerce around the British Isles and embarrassing the British Government. Jones is also on a secret mission to destroy or capture HMS Drake, which is based in Ireland. Lunt is appointed by Jones as lieutenant and sent ashore to scout the Belfast harbor for targets of opportunity. While there, Lunt discovers that the Drake is testing a new weapon that will make small ships the equal of large ships in battle. He gets involved with a beautiful French spy and has some close run-ins with the British before escaping back to the Ranger. But his efforts manage to draw the Drake out to do battle with the Ranger. The book culminates with a rousing sea battle.

Henry Lunt & the Ranger

Author: Tom McNamara

Title: Henry Lunt & the Ranger

Series: Henry Lunt

First Published by: Nuventures Pub


Format: HC

Date: January 1991

ISBN-10: 0962563234

ISBN-13: 9780962563232



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