It’s 1813 and Navy Lieutenant William Henry Allen takes the United States brig of war Argus to France to deliver the new United States minister to France. Oliver Baldwin, from The Greater the Honor and In Pursuit of Glory sails as first lieutenant for the commission. The Royal Navy, being at war with France in addition to the United States, has blockaded the coast, of course, but Allen’s orders preclude hostile contact until after he has delivered the minister.

Once that chore is completed, his orders send him on a commerce-raiding cruise to British waters. In a bit over 3 weeks, they sink or burn 21 British merchant ships. And then the English Brig Pelican is sent out to find the marauders and stop the disastrous attacks. Pelican is commanded by Edward Ballantyne, recently seen in Gun Bay and previously, in When Fortune Frowns. There would be no story if the English had been unsuccessful in finding Argus. All we’ll tell you now is that Henry Allen is mortally wounded in the ensuing battle.


In Hostile Waters

Author: William H. White

Title: In Hostile Waters: The Cruise of USS Argus

Series: Edward Ballantyne/Oliver Baldwin

First Published by: Sea Fiction Press

Place: US

Format: K

Date: 2 July 2015






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