Man in the Crescent Moon is the latest adventure in the swashbuckling Pirates of the Narrow Seas series. Isam Tangueli is a gangly youth of nineteen, longing to leave home and become a famous corsair, and trying to understand his attraction to men. He joins the crew of the Grey Wolf and fights the Spanish on land, at sea, and under water. Under the command of the short but feisty Rajet Rais, young Isam learns the skills of navigation and leadership necessary to become "Captain Tangle," the most notorious corsair of the age. The hallmarks of the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series are all present—diverse and engaging characters, storms at sea, desperate ship fights, hand-to-hand combat, captures, rescues, and escapes, all told with authentic detail. "Isam Agha Hamet saw his father killed and vowed to become a great corsair. But working with his uncle on their galley will not lead to fame and fortune. When Rajet Rais and the Grey Wolf seek refuge and the Spanish attack he must seize the opportunity to fulfil his dream. But will love for a slave stop him."--Astrodene's Historic Naval Fiction

Man in the Crescent Moon

Author: M. Kei

Title: Man in the Crescent Moon

Series: Pirates of the Narrow Seas

First Published by: Keibooks

Place: Perryville, MD

Format: PB

Date: 23 July 2013

ISBN-10: 0615829236

ISBN-13: 9780615829234



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