The men of the East India Company's Naval Service, popularly known as the 'Bombay Marine', had seen their fair share of adventure; but few seafaring men had more stirring tales to tell than Captain Percival Merewether and the crew of his ship, the Rapid.

Merewether's adventures took him and his crew from Mauritius to Teheran, from the Bay of Bengal to Australia, weathering fierce naval battles, skirmishes with pirate fleets, and sometimes equally hazardous engagements ashore. But Merewether had saltwater in his blood, and like his crew, he craved the excitement and adventure that only the High Seas could provide...

On the Company's Service

Author: Ellis K. Meacham

Title: On the Company's Service

Series: Percival Merewether

First Published by: Little, Brown

Place: New York

Format: HC

Date: 1971

ISBN-10: 0340159006

ISBN-13: 9780340159002



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