The Far off ShipsThis site features regular articles on newly published books but some of my favaourites were published many years ago and have been out of print for some time. They are therefore usually hard to come by and expensive when you do find a copy. I am pleased to note therefore that Thunderchild Publishing has brought two of my favourite authors back in to print with eBook versions, making them accessible to fans of the genre once again.

A particular favourite of mine, and of one of our current leading author's Alaric Bond, is The Far off Ships by Kenneth Fenwick. This was the only novel by the historian and is a very well written and graphic account of Nelson's chase accross the Atlantic and the culminating Battle of Trafalgar.

The other favourite is the three book series by Ellis K. Meacham about Percival Merewether of the Bombay Marine during the Napoleonic Wars. The series starts in 1806 and is based on the little known private naval service of the Honourable East India Company which defended the interests of the Company in the Indian Ocean and the Far East. This is a service not usually featured in Naval Fiction.

Also coming out are the works of Victor Suthren and hopefully we will see some more authors coming out as eBooks from Thunderchild.




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