Charlie Raven is intent on a life at sea. But when he joins his uncle Captain Hector Maxwell, a man who despises him, he is in for a stormier ride than he could have imagined.

Maxwell is the 'owner' of the Pointer, a small, fast sloop which he insists is a frigate, and he has filled her with more officers than justified by her size. He blames these men – and bad luck - for all his misfortunes, and is desperate for the success and glory he feels is his right. His stock in trade is to take on impossible missions.

When Charlie Raven joins him, he is about to embark on a treacherous expedition that seems sure to end in death. As well as the outwitting French, they will be forced into bloody battle with the natives of the Scilly Isles. And 'craven' Raven, as his uncle calls him, will have to prove he is not a hopeless coward.

Very soon, Charlie will need 'The Devil's Luck' to make it back to shore alive.

The Devil's Luck

Author: Jan Needle

Title: The Devil's Luck

Series: Charlie Raven Adventure

First Published by: Endeavour Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 12 September 2013





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