USS Lexington and The Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet

Book Two of the Brigantine Lexington series tells the story of the Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet on Cape May in New Jersey. Live it again with the intrepid sailors who battled to wrestle our infant nation from the clutches of tyranny. Find yourself transported to sea on the deck of an eighteenth century warship. Come aboard the Continental Navy Brigantine Lexington again and experience the danger and camaraderie of Captain John Barry and his shipmates. Cringe as cannon balls fly past your ears, feel the physical exhaustion as you struggle to keep pace with the captain; and experience the tragic loss of a lifelong friend.

Note to frugal readers: As of the time of publishing the author has decided to include material from this short story as a chapter in his novel due to be released in late 2013.

Author: David Perry

Title: USS Lexington and The Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet

Series: Brigantine Lexington Series

First Published by: Griz Independent Publishing Resources


Format: Kindle

Date: 19 September 2013




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