The USS Lexington and HMS Edward

This is the first in the Brigantine Lexington series of short stories from author David C. Perry. From the first paragraph you will feel that you are on the deck of the Lexington. The U.S. Navy has had several ships named Lexington. This short story, set in the American Revolution, is a fictional account of the first cruise of the first Lexington. The author puts you in the middle of the action as you watch Captain John Barry take command, sneak past blockading British warships, and hear cannon balls scream overhead during a sea battle. Experience the excitement, loss, and exultation of those early American seafarers as they challenge the largest navy in the world.

Author: David Perry

Title: The USS Lexington and HMS Edward

Series: Brigantine Lexington Series

First Published by: Griz Independent Publishing Resources


Format: Kindle

Date: 5 September 2013




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