Terry's Trials and Triumphs

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Young Terry runs away to sea during the American Civil War and after his ship is run down he finds himself aboard the USS Minnesota and a witness to the battle between the Monitor and Merrimac.

"The war-ship Minnesota, on which they were passengers in spite of themselves, was on her way to Hampton Roads, Virginia, to strengthen the Federal naval force there, it having been reported that some novel and menacing additions had recently been made to the Confederate navy. As an attack was expected any day, the Minnesota had orders to proceed with the utmost speed direct to Hampton Roads. It was, consequently, impossible for her to land the survivors of the collision, and there was no alternative but for them to accompany her to her destination, and get back to Boston from there as best they might manage."

  • Author: J. MacDonald Oxley
  • Title: Terry's Trials and Triumphs
  • First Published by: T Nelson & Sons
  • First Published Date: 1900

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