Tested by FateIt's 1784 and Nelson is sent to the Caribbean to enforce the hated Navigation Acts. While there, he marries Fanny Nisbet. Ordered next to the Mediterranean, he engages in a string of spectacular naval battles: Cape St Vincent, Tenerife, and the Nile. The ravages of war take their physical toll on Nelson, even as he gains the fame and honor he desperately craves. At the same time, Emma, mistress of Charles Greville, sits as an artist's model, her pictures selling briskly. When Charles's uncle, Sir William Hamilton, joins them in Naples, Emma finds herself the object of Hamilton's desire, and when the mercurial Nelson pays them a visit, she is inexplicably drawn to the brash sea captain. Her eventual marriage to Hamilton seems the epitome of good fortune, opening all the doors of Europe to her--but how can she forget Nelson when he has not forgotten her?

Important Note: In the UK this series was published in 2 volumes 'On a Making Tide' & 'Breaking the Line'.  In the US it was published in 3 volumes 'On a Making Tide', 'Tested by Fate' & 'Breaking the Line'. As titles are the same in both series you should take care not to mix them.

Author: David Donachie

Title: Tested by Fate

Series: The Nelson and Emma Trilogy

First Published by: McBooks Press


Format: PB

Date: 2004

ISBN-10: 1590130421

ISBN-13: 9781590130421


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