The Tide of War1794: Britain and France are at war and Peake has been engaged in treacherous undercover work in Paris for Prime Minister William Pitt. But he's anxious to play a more conventional role in the conflict. His hopes appear to be realised when he's called to command the Unicorn, a crack new frigate stationed in the Bahamas. But there's a catch; the frigate's previous captain was murdered, almost certainly by members of his own crew. Peake struggles to forge this mutinous gang of reprobates into a fighting force, as they prepare to meet the French Virginie in Caribbean waters. But he soon discovers that they face a far greater enemy than the French - what is American secret agent Gilbert Imlay doing aboard the French ship?

Author: Seth Hunter

Title: The Tide of War

Series: Nathan Peake

First Published by: Headline Book Publishing


Format: HC

Date: 2009

ISBN-10: 0755343085

ISBN-13: 9780755343089


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