Paul Bryers

Seth Hunter is the pseudonym of the author of a number of highly acclaimed and prize-winning adult and children`s novels, Paul Bryers. He has written and directed many historical dramas for television, radio and the theatre and adapted and directed films by playwrights such as Arthur Miller and Michael Bulgakov. He lives in London and is a member of The Writers Guild of Great Britain, the Director`s Guild and PEN.  He is writing a series of historical naval adventures

Series: Nathan Peake
Year Book Comment
1793 The Time of Terror  Brig-sloop Commander Nathan Peake is on smuggler patrol off the Sussex coast and desperate for some real action.
1794 The Tide of War Britain and France are at war and Peake has been engaged in treacherous undercover work in Paris
  The Price of Glory Peake is sent to join Horatio Nelson, in a bid to wreck Bonaparte's plans for the invasion of Italy.
1796 The Winds of Folly Peake is sent into the Adriatic to help bring Venice into an Italian alliance against the French.
1797 The Flag of Freedom Peake is imprisoned on the Rock of Gibraltar charged with treason
1798 The Spoils of Conquest Peake takes command of the East India Company's naval wing
  The Sea of Silence Peake is secretly commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson
1803 Trafalgar: The Fog of War Peake is recruited to coordinate a secret operation

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