Set Course for Trafalgar

I've just added a new author to the site, George Edwardson. Of particular interest may be his two book 'The Sea Officer' series. This follows the extraordinary true career of Irish sailor Amos Freeman Westropp who spent over 30 years in the Royal Navy during the turbulent years of the Napoleonic Wars.

He served in a dozen ships and fought in some of the great sea battles of the time against the French, Dutch and Spanish fleets during the course of which he met, amongst others, Admiral Lord Nelson, Admiral Villeneuve, the Duke of Wellington and the Emperor Napoleon.

Amos Freeman Westropp is presumably an ancestor of the author who writes under a pseudonym but is George Westropp, an amateur historian and genealogist.

Also available is his four book 'The Wharton Series' the most recent book of which, Goliath, was released in September 2023.

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