George Westropp

George Edwardson is the 'nom de plume' of George Westropp, a former Fleet Street financial journalist and writer of naval and military historical novels and fly fishing and children's books. Based in the South England, he is an amateur historian and genealogist.

Series: The Wharton Series
Year  Book  Comment
  Wharton Wharton has no idea when he joins the Royal Navy that he is soon to take part in some of the greatest sea battles 
  Majestic Wounded by an exploding cannon, Wharton recovers to take command of a battery of guns
  Ajax A surprise secondment to the fast brig-sloop HMS Cynthia
  Goliath The big question was how long the Treaty of Amiens would last
1804 Leopard Wharton takes command of HMS Leopard straight off the slipway at Woolwich
Series: The Sea Officer
Year  Book  Comment
  Set Course for Trafalgar Based on the extraordinary true naval career of Irish sailor Amos Freeman Westropp
  Clear for Action Continues the extraordinary true naval career of the Irish sailor Amos Freeman Westropp

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