Sword of State: The ForgingRichard Woodman is the well known author of the naval fiction series about Nathaniel Drinkwater and more recently of a series set during the English Civil War about Kit Faulkner. Now he has just released the first book in a new trilogy, Sword of State: The Forging.

The Sword of State Trilogy recreates the true story of George Monck, a giant of the 17th Century who is all but forgotten today and who has not been the focus of a series as far as I am aware.

Whilst from the cover description the first book in the series does not appear to be nautical, Monck became one of the famous Generals of the Sea under Cromwell's Commonwealth during the First Anglo/Dutch War. He was also instrumental in the restoration of Charles II and was created 1st Duke of Albemarle.

Fans of the genre may therefore wish to purchase this book as an integral part of a naval series.

Winter 1644, the Tower of London.

Colonel George Monck is confined to his prison chamber in St Thomas's tower, charged with high treason. A brilliant soldier, admiral and military governor, Monck joined the King's men in besieging Nantwich. But the Parliamentary side's more disciplined army successfully routed them, and Monck was thrown in jail.

Brooding and despondent, Monck's troubles look to intensify when he starts an affair with Anne Ratsford, a married woman who is caring for him in The Tower. In an age when adultery is not only a mortal sin, but a capital offence, Monck is not only risking his reputation, but his life. But then his fortunes begin to change.
Word of his prowess has reached Parliament, and he is offered a position within their army. All that stands in his way is his honour...

In 'The Forging', the first book in the 'Sword of the State' trilogy, award-winning author Richard Woodman recreates the true story of George Monck, a giant of the 17th Century. Monck is all but forgotten today, yet his legacy is nothing less than the British monarchy and a famous regiment - the Coldstream Guards.

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