Active's MeasureWith its main protagonist a Royal Marine officer, Active's Measure will be welcomed by many looking for a different slant on Napoleonic Nautical Fiction. And a breathless pace is set from the start, with numerous characters and a fair amount of back story being introduced as a British landing party go in to attack a far superior French force.

The battle scenes are brutally realistic; I might even have wished for rather less detail at times, although none of the violence is in any way gratuitous. Besides, this is a story about men at war, with no place for sugar coating. Some may wish for a little more basic plotting, especially in the initial chapters, but if the need is for an action packed page turner, then Active's Measure will not disappoint.

In brief, Mr Danielski has produced a very readable book, with strong characters that catch the imagination. The story is well told, and there is every reason to expect this to develop into a good series.

Description of: Active's Measure

Author: John Danielski



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