Bring it CloseBook 3 in the Sea Witch series, Bring it Close continues to reveal the lives of the pirate Jesamiah Acorne and the witch Tiola.

When you are an ex pirate trying to stay on the right side of the law and after your fiance finds you have been with another woman she has headed of to the town where an old enemy, the notorious pirate Blackbeard, is based life is bound to get complicated. Couple that with the fact that his fiance is a witch and the 'other woman' is the widow of the brother he murdered and then weave it all into the true story of Blackbeard's final weeks and you have the makings of an excellent story.

Helen Hollick was more than up to this challenge creating a good mix of fact and fantasy that was a very readable narrative climaxing with the battle in which Lieutenant Robert Maynard R.N. engages Teach. I continue to like the two principal charcters and look forward to reading the next in the series. 

Description of: Bring it Close

Author: Helen Hollick 




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