Men of HonorAfter reading the first book in the series I had high expectations for this novel and I was not disappointed, it was another page turner.

The story takes up where the previous one left of with Lieutenant Peter Thornton a captain in the Sallee Navy, but he soon finds himself under arrest and back in the Royal Navy. Whilst the narrative will be familiar to lovers of naval fiction set in the late 1700's it is based on a fictional history and the author uses this to full advantage as the plot takes unexpected twists and turns and the various naval powers fight it out.

Whilst this book features Royal Navy life more heavily it also continues to explore the rarely covered life of the North African corsairs and their lateen rigged vessels,  under the command of Isam Rais al-Tangueli, which gives the series its unique and fresh feel..


The author also continued to develop the personalities of the various well rounded characters, as well as introducing some new ones, and as before it was a joy to follow how he developed them. Another good swashbuckling naval novel which is recommended reading.

Description of: Men of Honor

Author: M. Kei


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