Reefs and ShoalsIn this latest excerpt of his adventures, Captain Sir Alan Lewrie, aboard his frigate Reliant, hoists his broad pendant as Commodore in charge of a squadron of small vessels suppressing privateering off the shores of Cuba, Spanish Florida, the Keys and the Florida Straits. He must also visit American ports to assess whether, as neutrals, they are giving aid to the privateers.

It is refreshing to read about Lewrie who is not as 'correct' as many of the naval fiction heroes and has a depth of character you can empathise with. Captain's are usually depicted as having that god like separation from their officers and men which is even present to some extent with those who they might regard as friends but Lewrie keeps pets and is a friend to all.

The role of a junior Commodore in distant waters with the difficult task of suppressing privateers on a coast with endless small bays where they can hide, whilst at the same time steering a difficult diplomatic path with touchy American sensibilities over their recently won freedom and neutrality, is fully explored in this novel and you can step into the shoes of Lewrie as he struggles to achieve these aims.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it.

Description of: Reefs and Shoals

Author: Dewey Lambdin




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