Dewey Lambdin

Dewey Lambdin (1945-2021), a self-described navy brat, started sailing in 1976, with a special taste for cruising the Gulf of Mexico in his sloop. A Retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander and a member of the Naval Institute, he made his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

He wrote a series of books about Alan Lewrie, which starts in 1780 when Lewrie, who is a Rake, is sent to sea to get him out of the way

Series: Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures  
Year  Book  Comment
1780 The King’s Coat At the height of the American Revolution Alan Lewrie is sent to sea as a Midshipman to get him out of the way
1781 The French Admiral As Lewrie’s  career advances, he finds the life of a naval officer suits him
1782 The King’s Commission Lewrie is commissioned as a First Officer
1783 The King’s Privateer With the war over Lewrie heads for Calcutta as 4th Lieutenant on an Indiaman
1786 The Gun Ketch Lewrie has his own ship at last, the Alacrity.
1793 HMS Cockerel First Officer Lewrie takes command and becomes involved in the siege of Toulon
1794 A King’s Commander Lewrie is at The Glorious First of June battle
1796 Jester’s Fortune Lewrie, in command of HMS Jester is in the Adriatic
1797 King’s Captain Lewrie is promoted while mutiny rages through the fleet
1797 Sea of Grey Lewrie takes part in a British intervention on the French colony of Saint Domingue
1798 Havoc's Sword Can Lewrie be a diplomat as he deals with the US Navy
1799 The Captain’s Vengeance Lewrie is forced to relinquish his command
1799 A King’s Trade Lewrie heads for Cape Town and India
1800 Troubled Waters Lewrie has been sentenced him to hang for the theft of a dozen Black slaves
1801 The Baltic Gambit Lewrie is given command of the frigate Thermopylae and is present at the Battle of Copenhagen
1803 King, Ship and Sword With the peace over Lewrie makes a dangerous departure from Paris and soon has the chance to seek revenge.
  The Invasion Year Lewrie finds himself back in London to receive honors from the King and to defend the country from inavsion.
  Reefs and Shoals Lewrie is ordered to the Bahamas where he will hoist his broad pendant
  Lewrie and the Hogsheads Capt. Lewrie of the HMS Reliant has been stuck in Nassau Harbor (Short Story)
1805 Hostile Shores Lewrie's HMS Reliant joins the voyage that will culminate in the Battle of Cape Town
1807 The King's Marauder Lewrie has a new commission to a clumsy, slow two-decker Fourth Rate 50
  Kings and Emperors Lewrie is in Gibraltar commanding a clutch of harbor defense gunboats
1809 A Hard, Cruel Shore Lewrie is appointed Commodore of a small squadron assigned to prey upon French off Spain
1809 A Fine Retribution Lewrie is assigned to lead a raid
  An Onshore Storm Lewrie takes on his roughest adventure yet: maritime life beyond the Royal Navy
  Much Ado About Lewrie Lewrie loses his ship and his command when he receives news that Vigilance must return to England
Omnibus editions
  For King and Country The King’s Commission, The King’s Privateer, The Gun Ketch


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