Prince of the AtlanticIn the second instalment of the adventures of Captain Luke Ryan the action really starts as he sails from Dunkirk as a privateer under the American flag. It is based on the true story of Ryan who was an Irish smuggler who became a privateer under a Letter of Marque from Benjamin Franklin and went on to command the Calonne, a 400 ton ex-French naval frigate of two decks and 36 guns with a crew of nearly 250 men of Irish, French, American and Dutch nationalities.

He was one of the most successful privateers and the book fully explores his many captures and battles with British warships as well as the political intrigue caused as a result of an Irishman sailing from France under American colours with a multinational crew.

As before the book taught me something new about privateering and McMillin's dialogue was very believable and drew the various aspects of the known story together well and I now look forward to reading the last book of the series. Recommended.

Description of: Prince of the Atlantic

Author: Mark M. McMillin




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