The Threat in the West Indies

Book three of 'The Merriman Chronicles', The Threat in the West Indies, continues the now familiar mix of naval action and espionage. Merriman is now in command of the new three masted sloop Aphrodite with orders to sail to the West Indies where he is to be under the orders of the spy Mr Grahame. The book follows the ship as it moves from island to island engaging privateers and seeking out French spies sowing dissent on the British Islands. Eventually they join the British combined force as they  invade the French controlled islands.

This book is a good fit with the previous two and continues the stories of the well rounded characters but in places the narrative seemed a bit sparse. There were also some errors which could be easily rectified with some copy editing. However, the errors were minor and if you are enjoying the series can be easily ignored.

Description of: The Threat in the West Indies

Author: Roger Burnage

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