His Majesty's Ship I really enjoy the gripping action and I appreciate the detailed descriptions of the ship's workings, but, as in The Jackass Frigate, Alaric Bond gets my highest marks for bringing to life the crew and officers of Vigilant. By mastering the tricky technique of shifting Point-of-View, Bond successfully makes readers privy to the thoughts and opinions of a thorough cross-section of the crew. Before Vigilant is at sea, we meet no fewer than twenty-three named characters. (I counted the second time I read the book.) The number climbs above forty by the novel's climax. It is a tribute to Bond's craft that by the time Vigilant joins battle we feel a personal connection to some 10% of the ship's company. I am grateful to Bond for creating this new paradigm for Historic Naval Fiction.

Description of: His Majesty's Ship

Author: Alaric Bond

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