Alaric Bond

Alaric Bond has been writing professionally for over twenty years with work covering broadcast comedy (commissioned to BBC Light Entertainment for 3 years), periodicals, children's stories, television and the stage. He is also a regular contributor to nautical magazines and newsletters.

The 'Fighting Sail' series series is set at sea during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars and has no central character as such. Instead, men from all stations are featured allowing a far more realistic view of life aboard a warship of the period. The novels are definitely in a series rather than a serial; an overall storyline does exist although each should also stand alone and so can be read in isolation.

He has also written some stand alone books featuring the conflict between the Revenue Service and Smugglers.

Series: Fighting Sail
Year  Book  Comment
1795 His Majesty's Ship In the spring of 1795 HMS Vigilant, a 64 gun ship-of-the-line, is about to leave Spithead
1796 The Jackass Frigate Fresh from the dockyard, HMS Pandora is a 28-gun frigate, is about to set sail to join the Mediterranean Fleet
1797 True Colours The British fleet has mutinied and Admiral Duncan watches the Dutch coast unsupported.
  Cut and Run King opts for a spell with the Honourable East India Company but soon wonders why.
1798 The Patriot's Fate Ireland rises up and two friends and former allies are separated by chance and circumstance
  The Torrid Zone HMS Scylla is bound for St Helena to deliver the island's next governor
1803 The Scent of Corruption The uneasy peace with France is over and Sir Richard Banks is appointed to HMS Prometheus, a seventy-four
  HMS Prometheus HMS Prometheus is needed to reinforce Nelson's ships blockading the French off Toulon.
1803 The Blackstrap Station The group of shipwrecked Royal Navy seamen have anything but festivities in mind
  Honour Bound Commander King is keen to take HMS Kestrel to sea but the war is not progressing well for Britain
1805 Sealed Orders King finds himself despatched on an urgent secret deep-sea mission
  Sea Trials HMS Mistral has emerged from a major refit with one vital element missing – her captain
  Lone Escort The North Atlantic in spring is a perilous place and HMS Tenacious has a tough job ahead
1811 The Seeds of War HMS Tenacious must do battle with illegal slavery, powerful privateers, violent tropical storms and former friends.
1814 On the Barbary Coast After four years HMS Tenacious is finally heading home but their journey is broken by a strange encounter

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1801 Turn a Blind Eye Newly appointed to the local revenue cutter, Commander Griffin is determined to make his mark
1803 The Guinea Boat The story of two young lads, and the diverse paths they take to make a living on the water

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Coastal Forces
Year  Book  Comment
1941 Hellfire Corner In the treacherous waters of the Dover Strait the war is fought by the gun and torpedo boats of Britain’s Coastal Forces:
1942 Glory Boys The crew of MGB194 return from leave to find their gunboat allocated to a different flotilla

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